A rural soul in the city, versatile and creative, I am at home in many contexts.

Stuff I do:
– I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for about 15 years. I sing, and I write songs. I dabble in various other instruments. I’m a lapsed flute player.
– I haven’t performed music in a while, but I will again… used to host a weekly open mic night, and I miss performing a bit.
– I love to write creatively, both prose and poetry.
– I teach college writing and classics (mythology).
– Athletics: I’m primarily a runner these days. I also am into duathlon, cycling, yoga, weight training, and more….
– Fine arts: drawing, painting, making jewelry, crafting… I’m pretty much raw and untrained, but making things relaxes me. You can view some of my artsy-crafty stuff here: folksylady.deviantart.com.
– I’m a gamer. My favorite games are the Mass Effect series, but I also enjoy games/franchises like Max PayneFalloutAssassin’s CreedThe Elder ScrollsMadden, etc.

What the name’s about:

I am one of the nomad-bloggers migrating here from Xanga. I was ready for a fresh start, a new incarnation that would reflect the person I am now — a dynamic shift from the person I was over seven years ago, when I started blogging.

I had a list of potential new handles picked out, but the name for this came to me as I was thinking about journaling about my experiences the summer of 2013: I am everything, and all at once. My interests are broad, the activities that make up my days motley. This is the source of many of my struggles, since my time and resources are finite, since I have a love-hate relationship with boundaries, since I can’t seem to specialize the way people who become really great at something do, since the possibilities for my life are expansive and this sense of breadth does nothing to help me decide which to pursue…. Yet, this is also the source of my power. I am very resilient. I am really good at many things. I am interested, observant. I have things to say.

I wasn’t quite sure about that last thing; I wasn’t quite sure whether I would start blogging anew or just let this part of my life lapse into oblivion. For now, it remains.


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