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Posted: November 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

My heart’s with those wounded or killed in today’s attacks in Paris, and with their loved ones. As I look through photos in the news reports, I find my eye consistently drawn to the emergency response workers — firefighters, police, EMS workers — and I’m reminded of how a friend of mine often quotes The Fugees: “You can’t stop the shining.” He’s right.

We will grieve those lost. We’ll remember them. And no matter what terrorists do, we’ll never stop rallying and helping each other. The truth shines all the brighter in contrast to their darkness. They can’t stop the shining.


“Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Muhammad Ali’s words have been on my mind a lot for a while now, because just over a week ago I passed the physical test I’d been training for. It’s a challenging test, one that women tend to struggle to pass. My goal was to pass it on my first try. “Just suffer for ten minutes,” I told myself as the test was approaching, “and change everything.” And I did.

I played sports in high school, and in the years since then, anytime I’ve been training for a race or working to accomplish something similarly challenging, I’ve thought various times that the most valuable lesson I got from sports was how to suffer. To suffer well, that is, and to get stronger by not quitting until the task is done. Coaches have a lot of names for it: discipline, facing adversity, not giving up, grit, digging deep, hustle, heart. I learned from having coaches push me past the point where my body started to complain that I could go farther and faster than I had thought was possible. I learned to work harder at the exact moment when I most felt like giving up. They pushed me, and so I learned how to push myself.

Passing this test doesn’t mean it’s over, though; the test was just a threshold level, a smaller goal on the way to the overall goal. As soon as I get over the cold I have now, I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal workout routine to get prepared for the next phase.