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Posted: June 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I realized (again) it’s been a while since I’ve journaled (or blogged, for that matter). I think it’s because there are some things I’ve given up trying to put into words. Like how much you mean to me. Or the dynamics of light that fascinate me so that I’ll stare for hours into a campfire, or at a lightning storm, or the objects around me at sunset. I can’t capture the way the light dazzles my eyes in real time in the same way that I can’t sum up you and me in a stop-motion series of interactions. It all presses in so fast when I try to bring it to mind that a language made of bits and pieces couldn’t contain it. It’s just a flood of images and emotions and memories, all lit up white-hot like an incandescent filament, or more like a bundle of filaments all at once. I can’t even process it fully — just stare or stammer.

That. Love is just shorthand for it.