“Don’t Date a Writer” – Ali Trotta

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Poem from Ali Trotta at alwayscoffee.wordpress.com. Shannon (my poetry-writing friend/partner in PhD applications) and I were talking about this kind of thing last week. We don’t use people; they don’t make it into our writing on purpose. But, speaking for myself, writing’s how I process my thoughts and emotions, and I find I can’t help it. And what I really dig about this poem is how Ali conveys all the other stuff: the intensity, the artistic and emotional sensitivity, the neuroses, the depth of love.

Thanks, Ali.


If you are looking for simple,
don’t date a writer. Don’t even
flirt with her. While you are talking,
she is considering
how you might look in a story,
or a poem,
or, possibly, in her bed. She analyzing
the metaphors in your smile,
the conjugated verbs
sprinkled in your laugh,
and the way your hands dance
in the air while you talk –
she is writing a story for those hands.

She will have bad days.
She will break dishes and cry
because failure feels like an adjective
for every incomplete sentence,
even though it’s the wrong part of speech –
her heart is always dangling
over a precipice, thoughts
wandering like a hurricane,
no one can swallow that –
but will you try, anyway?

If you are looking for simple,
marry a woman who won’t
wake you in the middle of the night,
full of desire and tequila…

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