Rainy-Day Ride

I heard the first patters of rain on the skylight as I pumped up my bike’s tires. I was feeling a bit low, myself, but I thought that getting outside for a bit in the quiet of a Sunday downtown would do me some good. A little light precipitation wouldn’t be so bad.

As I turned off the street onto the bike path, I thought about the things that have been going wrong lately. Frustration and discouragement have been hanging about; more than a few things haven’t gone as planned….

Then, the splash of the rain on my face, bicycle, and the asphalt reminded me of the sprint duathlon I raced in this summer. (Fortunately, it didn’t rain during my bike ride then — things tend to get very slippery with bikes and rain — though it did before the race and again while I ran the last 2.5 or so miles.) Who do you personally know who has done that? a voice inside prodded. It was tough and insistent, like a coach trying to revive a discouraged player. No one, I admitted to that inner coach.

That’s right. You’ve done something no one else you know has done. And those are the kinds of things you do now. You’ll do that again, and even better, or move on up to something else.

When I got back home, I felt refreshed, my spirits renewed. That duathlon will always be a part of my journey now. But it’s not a laurel to rest on; it’s a foothold to help me keep moving. Having achieved something like that, some challenge I simply set my mind to, makes me feel more confident about what I’ll be able to accomplish from here.